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In Partnership with Genesis Healthcare Partners, an Affiliate of Unio Health Partners

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Effective January 1, 2023 our doctors have joined Genesis Healthcare Partners, an affiliate of Unio Health Partners. As the result of the merger, our physician group will now become a multispecialty medical group consisting of gastroenterologists, urologists, and radiation oncologists. As the result of the merger, we now have 182 providers consisting of 119 physicians and 63 advanced practice providers (APPs) operating out of 54 locations across Southern, Central, and Northern California. We continue to be the largest gastroenterology medical group in the state of California.

Besides the name change, as a patient you will not see any major changes or disruptions to your care. Our physicians, Dr. Ken D. Nguyen, Dr. Tien-Chun (Tim) Chen, and Dr. Dana Pan remain committed to provide high quality gastroenterology care to our patients in the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles Area.

About Unio Health Partners

Unio is a highly differentiated physician services platform established by Triton Pacific with the goal of transforming urology, gastroenterology, and radiation oncology care delivery across the Western United States. Unio partners with leading physician practices, creating a cohesive, quality-oriented clinical culture and facilitating best practice sharing across the platform. Unio’s affiliated practices gain access to a broader suite of services, providing a meaningful benefit to both physicians and patients. Focusing initially on the fragmented Western U.S. landscape, Unio will continue to build significant size, scale, and geographic coverage that will enhance the platform’s value proposition to all stakeholders.

Unio was founded in 2021 with the acquisition of Genesis Healthcare Partners MSO and a partnership with Genesis Healthcare Partners physicians. Unio’s best-in-class clinical program covers three sub-specialties (urology, gastroenterology, and radiation oncology) and offers numerous ancillary services, including pathology, in-office dispensing, anesthesia, imaging, clinical research, and chronic care management. Unio is led by a highly accomplished management team and provides a full suite of management services to its affiliated practices. Unio has a deep pipeline and expects to grow the platform to 200+ physicians within the next few years.

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