Patient Portal Instructions

We encourage ALL patients to register for the gGastro Patient Portal. There are many feature and benefits of using our Patient Portal that is not only convenient but will save you time. These features and benefits including: ​

  • Fill out pre-registration intake forms to avoid having to fill them out at office. 

  • Review your medical history 

  • Review your clinical results 

  • Request an appointments 

  • Send messages to our staffs 

Registration Instructions 

  1. If you have not already received an invitation email to join the gGastro Patient Portal, please call us at (866) 630-0612 and press 1 to request an invitation.

  2. You will receive an invitation email with a link and unique ID that will take you through the registration process.

  3. Click on the link in the invitation email to create a unique user ID and password. 

  4. Once registered, complete your medical, family, social history, and the pre-registration intake form. 

  5. Click submit to send your information directly to our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password?

  1. Click on the “Forgot Password?” link under the login form.
  2. Enter your username, DOB and registered email address to reset your password.

How do I receive messages through gPortal?

  1. You will receive a notification email when you have a message waiting in gPortal.
  2. Click on the message tab.
  3. Click on “new messages” to view your messages

How do I send a message to my Doctor’s office?

  1. Click on the message tab.
  2. Click “new” to compose your message.
  3. Click Send to send the message to our office.

Update my personal information?

  1. Click “update” button
  2. Click on the “personal info” tab.
  3. Change the information you want

Can I schedule my appointment online through gPortal?

You may send a request to schedule your appointment and our practice will contact you.

Does gPortal allow me to send a message directly to my physicians office?

Yes, you may send a message directly to our office through gPortal. We will make sure your message reaches the correct person so that your question is answered.

Can I refill my prescriptions through gPortal?

No, you must go directly through your pharmacy in order to refill your prescription. If you are out of refills and need to renew you prescription, send a message to one of our staffs. Sometimes your physician may request you to come in for a visit or get new labs before your prescription can be renewed.

What if my account is locked due to too many failed log-in attempts?

  1. Click on the "Forgot Password?" link under the login form.
  2. Enter your username, DOB and registered email address to reset your password.