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Refer a Patient

Why Choose Us?

Referring Providers: Thank you for considering Pacifica Digestive Health as the providers of choice for gastroenterology and hepatology care for your patients. At Pacifica Digestive Health, we strive to be not only to be the best at providing exceptional GI care to patients, but to also be a valuable resource and partner to local referring physicians and PCPs. We are proud of providing evidence-based and cost-efficient care not only for patients but also to the healthcare system as a whole. After each visit or procedure, the referring physicians will always receive a faxed copy of the progress notes, results, or procedure reports, usually on the same day. We are always available to discuss and answer any specific questions about your patients.


If you are a health care provider and would like you to refer one of your patients, please use one of the options below.

Inpatient Consultations

Please call our office at (626) 898-4560 to request an inpatient consultation at one of the local hospitals that we have privileges at.

Outpatient Referrals

By Fax: Please fill out the following printable referral form and fax back to use 626-898-4561.

Online Referral: Use the the following form conveniently submit an referral online.

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